Market Scanning and Notifications.

Hands down the most advanced {code} / no-code scan builder in the world.

We obsess over building algorithms so you dont have to.
Building advanced real time market scans is as easy as arranging pre built blocks.

Hands down the most advanced {code} / no-code scan builder in the world.

Who we are & what we do

We are a team of kick-ass developers and mathematicians that build and maintain pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms for use in the Forex and Stock and Crypto markets.

ScanFX lets you freely use these algorithms to build scans and get instant push notifications to your iOS/Android devices including Smart Watches via our app as soon as they find something.


Our online Mac / Windows / Linux / Android / iOS ready editor lets you create error free scans in moments while we worry about the code, data feed, security, scaling, performance and hosting.

We're not saying code is bad, ScanFX took 50k+ lines of the stuff to make it awsome. Just we're sure not everyone wants to learn to code or has the time to debug and error check what they have written.

Eyes Everywhere

If your trading uses timeframes lower than the hour youll know how difficult it can be to monitor all the major Forex pairs constantly let alone Stocks and Cryptos aswell. And the moment you pop the kettle on the best trade of the day kicks off and you miss it.

We help you by automating the most laborious part of your trading meaning your free to focus on the most promising charts without fear of missing something on the rest.

It's said that, to have the edge over others, you need to spot opportunities before they develop. We instantly send notifications out to your Phone, Tablet or Smart Watch the second one of your scans finds something.

Hosting Included

Arguably the main drawback of developing your own algorithms is having a computer running 24/7 to run them and thats before you figure out a way to get notified when your away from your desk.

We execute your scans directly in our own core and have complete control over market data, caching, speed, scaling, security and notifications.

All this for less than the monthly cost of a cloud server.

We're Independant

One concern over typing your strategy into your Brokers terminal is privacy.

We are independant and have no brokers or market influencers to answer to.

Your scans remain your property and always will.

Need More Reasons?

Always On

One problem with writing your own scans is where to run them.

ScanFX hosts your scans in our own private cloud designed with reliability in mind.

Useability First

In the past writing complex scans had a steep learing curve. It required you to learn a programming language and have a machine always up and running to execute that code.

Lightning Quick

Get a push notification to your mobile or smart watch within seconds of the market moving. On average notifications arrive within 5 seconds of a bar closing.

Much more than a price alert

We love a good price alert but we longed for something more. ScanFX lets you scan for patterns and find when the price rejects a key level.